Special Dedication To My Mother & Grandmother

Special Dedication To My Mother & Grandmother

Mother’s Day is a special day for all of us. Whether you’re young or old, near or far. Whether your mother  is not with us today or living well amongst this earth. Today is the day we pay homage to those we call mum, grandma or anyone who plays an active role in providing that motherly love to us. Every mum wants to feel special and whether we tell them each day that they are, it’s today where we can solely put focus on the lady (or ladies) that play an important role within our life.

Sadly, today I’m unable to spend mother’s day at home, and whilst I sit here in Auckland’s International Airport ready to board my flight to Sydney. I decided now would be the perfect time to pen down a dedication post to the two leading ladies in my life. My Mother and Grandmother.

Strong. That’s the first word I’d use to describe my mum. You see, she’s one of the most amazing ladies you’ll ever meet. Very talented as well. I have truly never met someone who is talented in many fields as much as my own mother. Puts me to shame to be honest. One thing that I did inherit however, was her artistic and creative side. In fact, I credit her for my ability to be versatile in design, photography, art and anything else that fits within the creative industry. She also has a way with people. Growing up, especially at my former primary, I was often referred to as Helen’s son. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. No matter how successful I become, I will always be referred to as the son of Helen Ngariki.

Unlike most, I have a very close relationship with my mum. Call me a mummy’s boy but that’s the truth. You see, she was a solo mum, raised me on her own (with the help of my grandparents and other family members as well). Although there’s this stigma around solo parenting, I would say my mum knocked that out of the bag. She always made sure I was happy, whether that was buying the newest “it” phone of the year, every year or purchasing every sims game on shelf so I could stay up till early hours of the morning building houses. One thing I love about my mum is her constant need to document everything. She treasures memories which is something I’ve developed as well. Whether it was during our annual family vaycays, at an event or just around the house. My mum made sure the cameras were rolling in every aspect, she wanted to document everything either through film or photographs and that’s something I truly love. Again, I guess I could credit her for my passion to film everything, to keep those memories so later in life we can watch back on them and laugh about the good old days.

Long story short, words can’t describe the endless love I have for my mother. She is the rock to my everything and someone I truly look up to in life. Despite our cheeky banter with each other on a daily basis, deep down It’s all love. Mum, I just want to say how much I love yah and I can never thank you enough for everything you do for me. Have an amazing Mother’s Day relaxing knowing I’m not there to steal your chocolates and annoy you. XOXO

Last but certainly not least, is to my adorable, most wonderful grandmother. The matriarch to our family and a women anyone would be fortunate to know. Growing up, my grandmother was literally my second mum. Helping out my mother, she made sure I too was looked after and ensured everything was going perfectly well. My nan, she’s the true definition of what a real hard worker looks like. Seriously though, you could google that word and see her name right beside it.

Growing up in the Cook Islands, my nan didn’t live the lifestyle we are fortunate to live today. It’s because of her I count my blessings. Even though she always brings up the fact that if Talyiah (my cousin) and I were back in the islands, we wouldn’t have fresh sushi or our designer clothes to wear. and both T and I roll our eyes of course, but deep down we know it’s true. Amongst the various traits my nan possesses, one thing I really love is her ability to be very humble. She’s the person who buys a Louis Vuitton wallet but doesn’t use it. She even uses a Justin Bieber backpack instead of her Neverfull. She sticks to her roots of living the simple life, and for that I will always appreciate. Again, I could not thank you enough for everything you do as well nana. Happy Mother’s Day, Hope you enjoyed the gift last night and know I will love yah endlessly. XOXO

Now before I wrap this up, I just want to send a shoutout to all the mothers out there, whether they are here with us today or not. Another shoutout goes to my Aunty Rongo, as well who at times also plays role as another motherly figure in my life. Enjoy your Sunday everyone and make sure to spend time relaxing, chilling and acting all cool.

With Love,

Michael Ngariki

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