My Top 5 Activities To Help Wind Down

My Top 5 Activities To Help Wind Down

Whether it’s your day job, university life or life in general. We as human beings need time to wind down. I for one love to have time for myself. Whether it’s listening to my favourite playlist, literally shop till I drop or watch a movie franchise back-to-back *cough* HARRY POTTER! Everyone has their personal activities and here are MY TOP 5.



Starting off with an obvious one here, but like many, I too enjoy binge-watching my certain faves. Although movies are great, I’m more of a tv show kind of guy. For me, I’m a very nostalgic person when it comes to my childhood and teenage years, so watching tv shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, Step by Step, Full House, The O.C., One Tree Hill and even The Simple Life are amongst the list in which I need to watch from their very first episode to their very last at least four times a year.



This one is something that’s very new to me but one I have fallen in LOVE with, and that’s reading a bloody good book. If you were fortunate enough to know me during high school, then you would have known how much I despised reading books back then. I remember my English teacher in year 9 & 11 telling our class he expected us to read a new book or short story each week. Ridiculous I know! but long story short, my class was relatively close and knowing we hated books. We came to the conclusion of reading one book each and exchanging notes between each other. By the end of term we all had reading logs with the same book titles. The fact he didn’t fail the entire class because of this still baffles me today.

Now, 22-years-old and regretting the opportunity of taking advantage with books back then. I’ve purchased a few of the classics we were suppose to study in high school and read them over and over again. My two favourites are definitely Mark Twain’s ‘The Adventure Of’ series.



This is one thing that plays a huge part in me winding down. Whether it’s drawing, painting or D.I.Y activities. The feeling of touching base with my creative side is so therapeutic it’s like sitting in a bubble bath or lying on the beach in the Maldives. While I’m on the subject of D.I.Y. can we just discuss how amazing D.I.Y. projects are? It’s crazy how simple, effective things can save so much money and look just as good in the long run. The other day, I sewed a few new cushion covers for our living room and I think it’s safe to say I now consider myself a visionary of Martha Stewart.



I’m talking cookies, cakes and brownies. The whole sh-bang really. For me there’s something about mixing ingredients and coming out with a delicious baked good on top. I’m a sweet tooth so desserts are the way to my heart…and winding down as well. Despite not really knowing how to work the kitchen, I will admit I make some of the best cakes and chocolate fudge brownies in town. Just don’t tell Mrs. Higgins, I would hate to ruin a business because of my amazing talents.



Last but not least, is one of the most important aspects in living a positive, relaxing life. SLEEP! we all need it and if you find yourself in the position of having a day off and not sure on what to do exactly. Then sleeping it away is the perfect solution. Forget about the 8 hour rule, if you want 10 hours…you do 10 Glen Coco. Having said that, I now realise the possibility of getting ridiculed from health specialists because of that statement. But no one really knows your body more than yourself so go ahead and put those feather down pillows to good use.




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