The Trouble With Being Wrong – I Love Ugly

The Trouble With Being Wrong – I Love Ugly


Hey Friends, Happy Wednesday! Apologies for not posting on Monday, my family is currently redecorating our living room and office so I’ve been a bit sidetracked this past week. Nevertheless, I figured I’d give you all a mid-week post to make up for that.

As you’re well aware, my wardrobe colour palette is strictly monochrome with a touch of blue amongst the racks. Once this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week had ended last May, I vowed to myself to try use more colour within my style. Shake things up a bit and broaden my horizons you know?

Michael Ngariki Model




Michael Ngariki Model


I matched this mustard yellow tee from streetwear brand – I Love Ugly, with a simple grey outfit to help the colour stand out more effectively. Despite not being a huge fan of yellow however, I was more than excited to shoot this outfit because I knew this mustard tone would be a perfect statement piece to welcome me into the colour palette crew.


Michael Ngariki wearing I Love Ugly


With New Zealand Fashion Week fast approaching, you can bet I’ll be trying to incorporate colour into my outfits this year. With that being said, I should probably head off now and start pinning ideas to my Pinterest board. Usually this is where I wish you a happy week, but I’ll be back in a days time for Fridays post so I guess all I need to say is – Stay Rad (my new tagline in life).

With love always,

Michael Ngariki xo


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