Farewell Letter to the ‘Best Little School in the World’

Farewell Letter to the ‘Best Little School in the World’

As a 10-year-old kid, I would have never guessed that 11 years later I’d be saying goodbye to a school for a second time round (third time if you count that 2 month hiatus I took back in 2013). For most people, it’s pretty common to just forget about your primary school once you’ve graduated…yes, you may visit once or twice during Intermediate, but after that – It’s all about High School and hanging out at the next hottest parties. For me that’s a little different. I guess I can’t really say that this is goodbye…because let’s be honest – I AM A NGARIKI – and being a part of a family associated with Newton Central Primary School for several generations now, we’d have to be extinct before we officially say goodbye to the ‘Best Little School in the World’.

Archie's Journal by Michael Ngariki
Even though I feel as though I have left my mark upon the school – not only as a former student but a staff member as well. I only feel it’s right to complete this one thing before I go…and that’s to post my speech which I wish I found time to say during our end of year assembly last Friday. Cue the tissues ladies and gentlemen, cause here we go.

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge Josephine and the contributing staff at Newton Central for welcoming me as part of your staff community. For some of you, I have had the pleasure of being under your supervision as a child during my time at Newton and now working alongside you several years later has been an experience worthwhile. Most of you staff members are close with my family, and for that I consider you family as well. Thank you for being very accommodating towards my lifestyle, especially when it came to me taking time off for fashion shows or the music awards, for the festivals I had to attend or even the constant travelling. I really couldn’t thank you enough for being so compliant with my lifestyle and understanding when I needed to have time off.

Archie's Journal by Michael Ngariki

Secondly I would like to acknowledge the parents I have encountered with during my 4 ½ years whilst working at Newton. Whether your kid was enrolled in After School Care full-time or attend during a one-off day. I would like to extend my gratitude and utmost thanks for the support and acceptance of allowing me to care for your children. Despite their constant whining, screaming and sometimes-crazy antics – I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Thirdly, I would like to dedicate this message to my fellow little rascals I leave behind – especially those from After School Care who have blessed each day I spent during my time at Newton. Words seriously cannot explain how heartbroken I am to leave you all behind. If I was a millionaire, trust me when I say I would never leave you guys. But it is what it is and don’t worry because you’ll still see me around – just fewer times then normal.

Archie's Journal by Michael Ngariki

Last but not least goes to my wonderful Year 6 students who graduate and move onto the next step in life. Having started back in 2012, I believe most of you were either Year 2 or 3 and it has been my honour to watch each and every one of you grow into the fine young women and men you are today. Watching you accept your graduation packs and senior Ponamus during final assembly brought tears to my eyes, and I’m glad to have been apart of your life for these past few years. I wish you all the best of luck for the future, and I expect to read about each and every one of you in the news headlines one day – that is the Newton way after all.

Before I leave, I made sure to take a photo in front of my artwork I painted when I was 10-years-old, an artwork given to a school that I have been associated with since birth (literally). Thank you again for the gifts – the Ponamu I hold around my neck will forever be cherished and remind me of each and every one of you that have impacted my life during these past several years. I love you all, and wish each of you the very best.

XOXO, Michael Ngariki

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