Archie Eats: Cafe Cre Asion

Archie Eats: Cafe Cre Asion

Located in a hidden alley-way, beside Sydney’s busy Elizabeth Street, lies a petite cafe so cute, their colourful range of delicious macaroons lie strategically placed towards the front door to persuade any curious foodie passing by to enter.

To start off, locating the specific cafe itself was a mission. I think I walked down two wrong streets before realising I had officially walked to far. Then again, I don’t know why I was expecting a huge sign saying ‘CAFE CRE ASION’ and an arrow pointing to it. I guess that’s what makes this cafe a little secret within the Sydney CBD.

For brunch, I decided upon the crushed avocado with preserved lemon, served with several pieces of bread (I wish I could be specific, maybe turkish bread, but don’t quote me on that, I could be wrong). I also grabbed two macaroons (Strawberry & Blueberry) with a large flat white.

Andrea (LeatherandLattes) decided to get scrambled eggs with toast, a side of crushed avocado with salmon and a matcha green tea latte.

Despite the cafe being real small (I suggest heading in early to snag a table as it gets quite busy during the lunch hours), I no doubt would add this little hideaway to my list of favourite places to visit in Sydney. Both our meals were highly enjoyable not to mention how Instagram-worthy this entire cafe was as well. If you’re seeking somewhere to grab a quick breakfast, brunch or late lunch I highly suggest checking this place out as I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

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