Michael Ngariki at New Zealand Fashion Week 2016


Hey friends, How’s it going?  I’m Michael Ngariki also known as Archie’s Journal. A fashion obsessed, fun-loving individual who loves to document his life. 

Being told I had seemingly good taste in fashion and noticing the lack of male fashion bloggers out there, I decided it was time to launch myself into the world of blogging. Thus, leading to the launch of Archie’s Journal in 2015. A platform created to serve as a creative outlet showcasing content regarding fashion, lifestyle, travel and events – four high-aspects within my life. The name ‘Archie’ derives from my middle name ‘Archibald’ with ‘Journal’ signifying a place where I can document important aspects amongst other things within my life.

Auckland City is where I grew up. The largest city in New Zealand sitting north of the country. Despite travelling on a regular basis, I will always consider Auckland to be home, even with it’s unpredictable weather. Growing up I was also very fortunate with many things. My family, my friends even the experiences I have gone through and I believe all of these have helped shaped me to be the person I am today.

From my personal style, various travel moments, lifestyle ideas and a-list events. ArchiesJournal.com is the place where you can keep up-to-date and even be influenced at the same time. ArchiesJournal.com is a daily necessity for its diverse viewers allowing a platform where creative content is uploaded.


  1. I was named after a famous Australian sports player and close friend to my mother.
  2. I attended Newton Central School, Kowhai Intermediate and Mount Albert Grammar.
  3. My favourite drink is an Ice Peach Tea with Lemonade and four ice cubes. YUM!
  4. I graduated from AUT University with a degree in Events Management, Public Relations and Advertising.
  5. Most people don’t know this, but I was quite the athlete when I was younger.
  6. Through my maternal grandfather, I am associated to the Cook Island Royal Family.
  7. I love drawing, art and design and even considered becoming an architect before moving into the media industry.

I hope you enjoy following me side by side on my journey in life, with love alwaysMichael Archibald Ngariki Signature