22 Years and Counting

22 Years and Counting

Hey Friends! Happy Thursday!

As some of you are well aware, this time last week I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and with today marking the first of June and sadly…Winter, I figured why not give a life update on yours truly, especially my trip to MBFWA. It only feels like yesterday when I was up all night finalising details for my exclusive twenty first birthday. Now I’m one week into being 22 and I’m already dreading turning 23 next year (someone get me an advil cause this stress is giving me a headache lol). Being one of the youngest amongst my friends, I always feel the relief of finally reaching the same age as everyone. That sadly lasts for about two weeks before everyone bumps their age up yet again and I’m left as the baby of the group. Nevertheless, I’m grateful to be here today and spend yet another year with you all.

Two weeks ago I went to my very first Australian Fashion Week thanks to Mercedes-Benz New Zealand. The experience in its self was truly riveting and something I’ll cherish for a long time. Day one saw Lee-May and I wake up at 3am before departing for an early flight with Qantas. This time round I didn’t check into a lounge which was probably the biggest mistake I made that day (I never really noticed how crap Auckland International Airport was). Once arriving in Sydney, we were greeted by our limo driver who escorted us to the Hilton on George Street. Everything was going well until we arrived and realised we couldn’t check in because the files with our payment information was missing from the system, which didn’t add up because the payment was sent through well in advance. This involved multiple calls back and forwards between me and my New Zealand representatives (shoutout to roaming charges) which was slightly annoying especially after an early morning rise. With our room not ready and the previous guests still in there, we had no choice but to get changed in the GYM. Oh did I forget to mention we had the first show (Dion Lee) in like an hour? Let’s just say it was not ideal but not everything about my life is as glamorous as it looks *softly cries*

From rushing to Vodafone to pick up my new Australian sim card to browsing a few stores on the way down to the waterfront. With a bit of persuasion, I managed to pop into Louis Vuitton and drag Lee-may with me. I also want to thank sales associate Rochelle (hope this is how I spell your name) for the free early birthday gifts. After the morning/day I had it was definitely the pick-up I needed. Skip to Dion Lee’s show and boy was I engulfed with all the fashion. People weren’t afraid to wear statement pieces and I LOVED ITTTTT! Returning to the hotel, everything was sorted which worked out well……well so we thought.

The next day was another early wake-up. Thanks to Lee-may for opening the blinds and me thinking girl…It’s 6AM. Worked out perfectly though because it took me forever to get ready so at least I had a head start or we wouldn’t have made the first show. Rocking up to carriageworks, we saw nothing but photographers after photographers ready to snap those fashionistas walking down them stairs (still cut up about not making the best street style list but…whatevs). From drinking my weight in champagne inside the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge to getting a new personalised tote bag thanks to The Daily Edit. I think it’s safe to say that my first experience at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was the best. It was also great to catch up with my friends and fellow fashion bloggers; Nicky (Calmly Kaotic) and Alanda (WhiteandCapsule) who you guys should check out if you haven’t already. Only being here for the first few days, I made sure to soak everything up before our flight back to Auckland on Tuesday afternoon.

The next morning saw Lee-may and I meet up with our other best friend Sean for a day of shopping before our flight back home that afternoon. I must applaud myself because I definitely restrained from shopping and suffering the overpacking problem I have every time I’m in Sydney. After another problem with Hilton Hotel, my experience with the staff has put a bad taste in my mouth that you can bet I will not be staying there EVER again. Evidentially sucks because I’ve been a long-term fan and member of the chain. Skip an hour ahead and you can find me inside the American Express Lounge downing wine after wine to hopefully forget my frustrating time with Hilton. I think it was safe to say, this trip had both ups and downs but I’m truly grateful to have experienced such an amazing event.

As of now, my life has slowed down. I’m pretty sure I nap on the regular now. I am however, on my way to an interview with an established PR firm here in Auckland so fingers crossed everything goes well. Until next time friends, I wish you an amazing week and hope you keep yourselves safe.

With love always,

Michael Ngariki, XOXO


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